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Teens & Parents

What creating my experience?

The Nature of Thought

What can create a busy Mind



past / future

Where to put attention for a still mind


So noticing the space will help you move your attention to the permanent stuff in your life.  Its a form of mindfulness or meditation I suppose.  I would recommend you try it for a couple of minutes at least 3 times a day.  

  • When you get up (do it when your having your shower, eating breakfast or making your way into school.

  • In the evening, I'd recommend before study or when you get home from school.

  • Before you get ready for bed, this will help calm the mind making you ready for sleep.

  • Oh yeah and any other time you remember!

The next couple of videos give you an ideas of the physical reactions to being in a more present state.

Peripheral Vision 

Heres a link to a blog a did about the benefits of using peripheral vision (this wasnt in our session I thought you might enjoying trying it out)

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