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Health Promotion

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On this page I've included some of the key messages from our session on the 20th March.  There may be some things that I didn't cover on the day but thats one of the reasons I thought having access to this page would be valuable for you.   I really encourage you to play with some of the messages put across & do try Noticing the Space as much as possible.

At the bottom of the page I've included a form for any questions or comments you have.  Anything sent to me will be treated as confidential & I'll do video answers to anything I receive so everyone can benefit.

Where your experience is coming from

We are constantly living in the feeling of our thinking.  Not the thing we are thinking about.  This is why sometimes something can bother us and another time the same thing doesn't. The thoughts we add to any situation give us the experience in the moment. We can assume our thoughts and feelings are a result of outside circumstances, but they never are.

Nature of Thought

Hidden Causes of a Busy Mind

Here we look at some of the things that can make your mind race & some antidotes.




Where to put your attention to Calm the Mind

This explains a bit about the meditation we did at the end of the session. I’d recommend you play with putting your attention on the space around you when ever you remember. You could set 5 minutes aside for it or do it when you have your shower or eating a meal. Your mind may wander but thats OK, remember you can get this wrong. When you notice it has drifted off just gently bring it back to the space around you.


Questions & Comments

If you have anything you would like to ask me, regarding what we covered on your conference or any of the information above, you can do so with the form below.  Don't be a stranger :-)