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Get Out Your Head


Get Out Your Head

A simple understanding to make  life easier

February 18th 2-3pm, Dunes Bar -  Strandhill


When it comes to feeling better theres no shortage of suggestions on how to get there.  Thousands of self help books show us  how to 'fix' ourselves (I've a pile of half read ones beside my bed).   Hardly a day goes by without an article showing up in newspapers, magazines or tv on how to be happier, be more confident....feel better. 

If these techniques were the answer then why do they only work now and again?  Why are we working so hard to make changes in our life to feel better but not always reaping the benefits?

In this short talk I'll explain my take on things.  Sharing an understanding that will allow  pressure to melt away & the mind to clear without trying.  If you would like to take more control of your life this will help, if you want good feelings to shine through more often this will help.  If you just want life to be that little bit easier this will help.

Lofty claims I know!  Why not come along & bring your friends to find out if I can back them up ;-)

All donations given for coming along will go towards the Elaine O'Halloran Medical Fund





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